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Friday, 29 June 2012

Bad Photo Booth

This was part of the Bar Lane Studios area at YO1 Events' InsideOut Festival (Askham Bryan College, 2 June 2012), The Division of Spectacular Tasks and Wrong Side of the River turned a room into something resembling a 1970's youth club (in a good way) featuring such fun things as Bad Paintings' 'Make Your Own Tape' workshop and Coconut Shy, Zine Making table, a Big Draw, and a Postal Project table. This last was my main reason for going along, but I became far more involved in Jade Blood's Bad Photo Booth (can you blame me?) and supplied many of the dress up items seen in the photos. I took these photos on my Pentax ME but you can see more digital shots here taken by Jade. (The light leaks and double-exposure in some are due to the half-used film being yanked out of another camera).

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